About Canada

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About Canada


Canada is the second largest country in the world with nearly 10 million sq/km of land, three oceans surrounding the coastlines, and nine provinces and three territories. Even though Canada is very large, it has a very small population of only 35 million people that are mostly residing in clustered urban areas.


Canada consists of two main languages; English and French. You will come to find that nearly all Canadians speak English, while some have French as their official language, for example, French and English are the two official languages of New Brunswick, while French is the only official language of Quebec. Furthermore, there are many indigenous languages recognized throughout Canada, although these are used as much.


Canada is one of the proudest countries to be multicultural. Canadians are known to celebrate diversity, and to be inclusive and extremely respectful of people that come from different origins and backgrounds.


Symbols of Canada


The beaver is one of most well-known symbols of Canada, due to its reoccurring appearance in many different areas of the country. The beaver is also on the 5¢ coin, and are very common in and around Edmonton today; you might not be able to see the animals themselves, but you can spot their dams and lodges where they live. Furthermore, the beaver is also a symbol of University of Alberta’s faculty of engineering.

The Canada coat of arms

The Canadian coat of arms include the symbols of the four founding nations of Canada: France, England, Scotland, and Ireland. At the top is the royal crown and the lions are the arms of her majesty, the queen of England. One of the coats on the coat says “From sea to sea” when translated from Latin to English.

The flag of Canada

The flag was created by George Stanley, a University of Alberta alumni. It consists of red, 11-pointed maple leaf over a white square, on a red field. The flag has been in use since 1965 when it was created. You can spot the flag across all of Canada, as well as posted on government logos.