Asylum in Canada

Any person who has a fear of persecution upon arrival to his/her home country is eligible to receive refugee protection under one of the following two categories

Refugee protection from within Canada

Foreign nationals that reside in Canada and fear that upon arrival to their home country they will be faced with persecution or any form of danger can get refugee protection from Canada. The possibility of unfair or cruel treatment, torture, punishment or loss of life count as risks


To qualify to make a refugee claim in Canada, there are specific rules/regulations that must be followed upon reviewing your application, The decision of referral to the IRBC(immigration refugee board of Canada) IRB acts as an independent board that handles refugee related issues along with the responsibilities of it will be made by designated

Convention refugee

Foreign nationals living outside of their home country-that cannot return due to a reasonable fear or mistreatment or oppression based on association in certain social groups, religion, race, nationality and even political opinions

Person in need of protection

Any person that resides In Canada and is unable to return to his/her home country is called a person in need of protections. Risk of unfair/cruel treatment, torture. Punishment, or loss of life all qualify you to be considered as a person in need of protection

You know you qualify to make a refugee claim if any of the following apply to you

• Other countries have not previously identified  you as a convention refugee

• You do not currently have a protected person status in Canada

Your entrance into Canada was not made through the Canada-USA border

You don’t have any criminal records

 The IRB has not previously rejected any refugee claims or found you ineligible

 You do not have a removal order

Resettlement from outside Canada

Resettlement is defined by bringing refugees from outside the country into Canada. To ender Canada as a refugee you must be referred by the UNHCR (United Nations refugee agency), a pre-approved  referral organization, or by a private sponsorship group. You cannot apply directly

The organization listed above will not refer you unless you meet the qualifications of one of the following refugee classes

Convention refugee abroad class

You are living outside your home country and return is impossible due to a reasonable fear of mistreatment or oppression based on association in certain social groups. Religion, race, nationality or political opinions. Even if you have sufficient funds to support your family and yourself upon arrival in Canada, you may still qualify as a convention refugee you can be sponsored by the Canadian gov., a (Group of people or an organization or a mix of both as a convection refugee

Country asylum class

If civil wars armed conflict, or denial of basic human rights within your home country are the reason why you are currently living outside it, you are in the country of asylum class. Even if you have enough money to support yourself and family you can still be considered for this category. You can still be privately sponsored as a country asylum class refugee


You will be eligible for making a refugee claim under this category if

Another country has not sent a stable resettlement offer

 You are not a citizen of another country that can protect you

 You will never be returning to your home country

 The reason for learning your country is still present