Canada Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa

In order to qualify for Canadian visitor visa you must:

• Prove to an officer that you will leave the country at the end of your stay

• Prove that you have enough money to keep yourself and your family members in Canada accordingly and then return home

• With no intent to work or study in Canada unless you have authorities to do so

• Have no criminal record, and obey the law

• To not be a risk or liability to the security of Canada

• Provide all (if any) additional documents requested by the designated officer to establish your eligibility

• Be in good health and if required to complete a medical examination you do so

Getting your visitor visa for Canada

Getting a visitor visa or temporary resident visa (TRV) is not as easy as people make it seem. Many people take advantage of these visas and overstay their authorized period of time in Canada, immigration officers act on these types of applications. You will need to prove to the officer that you have strong ties to your home country, and that you will have to leave Canada after your visa expires.

Furthermore, you need to demonstrate your intended temporary purpose in Canada, and do not forget that you are actually applying for a temporary document, and the designated officer will assess your application to all extents.

An airline ticket with valid tickets to return home will convince an officer that you will return home to your country on that date, even family ties, or proof of employment, and even property in your home country is extremely useful to demonstrate that you will go home.

To show that you will return home, your family members might have to come in and appear in person to have fingerprints and photographs taken at a biometric collection service point.

You must not have your fingerprints, and photo taken before your application is submitted. Only when your application is received, a biometric instruction letter is then directed towards you, you can choose to have your picture and finger prints taken at the same time you’re submitting your application in person or later on.